If applicable, the student is responsible for applying, obtaining and maintaining a suitable visa. MBHDUC will issue an acceptance letter to the student to be submitted to the relevant Residency Department Authority.


    All the students admitted to the programs of MBHDUC must register at the beginning of the academic year. The Admission and Registration Office will inform each student of the time and place of registration, by mail and/or email, in advance of the registration period. A student, who fails to complete registration, including payment of all financial obligations as per the Academic calendar, will be deprived of the privileges of MBHDUC. Reinstatement within one week is possible by obtaining the permission of the Dean after the student has made provision for the financial obligations to be met.
    The administration of MBHDUC in Dubai endeavors to fulfill its Mission in terms of both academic excellence and attention to the student as a "stakeholder".
    Operatively, this entails the enforcement of academic policies and procedures, the availability of staff for counseling, advising and coaching.

    Application Procedure

    • The admission procedure for all programs shall be announced in the MBHDUC website.
    • Each applicant must complete the respective application form of MBHDUC available at the admission office and which can be downloaded from the MBHDUC website. This form must be submitted before the application deadline announced by MBHDUC as per the admission calendar, either in person or by post and must be accompanied by a non-refundable AED 5000 application fee .
    • Late applications can be accepted in case of free study places available.
    • The original documents are required to be brought at the time of admission along with two sets of photocopies.